Jerry Gardner (is) one of the most diversified of the martial artists, having studied Judo, Akido, Jujitsu, and Kung Fu, as well as Karate.

Handbook of the Martial Arts and Self-Defense, Logan/Petras, 1975

Sifu Jerry Gardner is the co-owner, director and master instructor of Red Lotus School of Movement in Salt Lake City. He has been training in the martial arts beginning in 1960 and teaching since 1970.

Sifu Gardner is a direct disciple of Master Sifu Duncan Leung (who is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Yip Man). Sifu Gardner has earned the titles of Tenth Level Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung-fu under Sifu Leung and Fourth Dan Black Belt in Neisi Gouju under Master Chaka Zulu and Fifth Dan Black Belt under Master Ronald Van Clief. He is also the oldest disciple under Sifu Chow Chung in Wing Chun.

In T’ai Chi Chu’an (Yang Style), Sifu Gardner has studied with six of the disciples of Master Cheng Man Ch’ing: Jonathan Gaines, Maggie Newman, Ed Young, Lou Kleinsmith, Jane Fargo and Bataan Fargo. He has studied the Tung style T’ai Chi Chu’an with Master Bing Lee and Qigong with Master Chan. In addition, Sifu Gardner has traveled to China to study T’ai Chi directly with Master Xiao. He also has extensive meditation training from numerous Tibetan Buddhist meditation masters.

Sifu Gardner has appeared in the 1976 film, The Super Weapon; as well as in The Golden Falcon film. He was featured in the 1975 book Handbook of the Martial Arts and Self-Defense by William Logan and Herman Petras in both the Karate and the Kung Fu sections. He was also mentioned in many martial arts magazines of the period, including; The Best of Karate ’81 and featured in the New Martial Hero Magazine in 2006.

At Red Lotus School, Sifu Gardner teaches the advanced classes of Wing Chun Kung-fu and T’ai Chi Chu’an as well as Taoist yoga and meditation.

Sifu Gary Larsen, Sifu Solomon Blaz, Sifu Lena Toritch, Sifu Clair Hamill, Sifu Toni Lock, and Sifu D’Arcy Grenz are senior Tai Chi Chu’an students/instructors at Red Lotus School. These instructors teach the Level I-III+ classes in Tai Chi Chu’an.

Sifu Robert Jarmin, Sifu Solomon Blaz, Sifu Lena Toritch, Sifu John-Michael LaGarde, and Sifu Milan Zlatkovic are disciples of Sifu Gardner and instructors of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Sifu Lena Toritch teaches the Fundamentals of Wing Chun class.

Sifu Milan Zlatkovic teaches the Youth Wing Chun class.